Audi just invented fuel made from CO₂ and water

Apr 28, 2015 – Time An Audi research facility in Dresden, Germany, has managed to create the first batches of…+

Extreme weather already on increase due to climate change, study finds

Apr 27, 2015 – The Guardian Extreme heatwaves and heavy rain storms are already happening with increasing regularity worldwide because…+

Harper suggests Canada likely won’t match U.S. emissions targets

Apr 23, 2015 – CBC News Prime Minister Stephen Harper says it is unlikely that Canada will join the United…+

Selinger wants Manitoba to set emissions targets for UN Climate Change Conference in November

Apr 15, 2015 – Winnipeg Free Press OTTAWA — Manitoba should have new emissions targets ready to announce in time…+

Get involved in climate change, premiers tell Ottawa

Apr 14, 2015 – Canadian Press QUEBEC – Provincial leaders from across Canada reaffirmed their commitment to fight climate change…+

Energy East pipeline puts Winnipeg drinking water at risk, Barlow says

Apr 12, 2015 – CBC News A Canadian social action organization opposing the Energy East pipeline says the project puts…+

Dramatic photos of Vancouver oil spill spark pipeline outrage on social media

Apr 9, 2015 – CBC News As a toxic bunker fuel spill spread across Vancouver’s English Bay and washed ashore…+

Canada meets climate change

Apr 8, 2015 – Country Guide It’s time to stop unscientific denials, and to get on with the job of…+

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