The straight poop on disposable diapers, from cloth alternatives to a recyclable future

    Nov. 21, 2018- CBC News- Billions of diapers are sent to landfill every year. Is there a greener way?

    Air pollution cuts two years off global average lifespan, says study

    Nov. 20, 2018- The Guardian- Analysis finds toxic air trims lifespans by 1.8 years, making it main threat to human…+

    Offshore oil spill appears to be largest in Newfoundland history, effects still unknown

    Nov. 19, 2018- CBC News- Severe storms have made it impossible to send devices underwater to survey damage

    Mitigating flood risks in your own backyard

    Nov. 16, 2018- CBC News- A new report details ways local communities can boost their resiliency to extreme weather events

    Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds

    Nov. 16, 2018- The Guardian- Ranking of countries’ goals shows even EU on course for more than double safe level…+

    Supermarkets still produce thousands of tonnes of plastic bags

    Nov. 15, 2018- The Guardian- Greenpeace says retailers failing to take responsibility for reducing footprint

    There’s a right way to avoid carbon tax

    Nov 14, 2018 – Winnipeg Free Press – This opinion piece reminds us that NOT putting a price on carbon…+

    Climate change will heat up cities and rural areas differently

    Nov. 13, 2018- CBC News- Design can mitigate daytime urban warming, but has minimal effect on nighttime

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