A new climate deal has entered into force. It could change the course of our warming planet

Jan. 3, 2019- National Observer- While celebrating our joint efforts and ultimate success, the world has to now brace itself…+

Winnipeg Transit wants to know cost of buying up to 20 electric buses

Jan. 2, 2019- CBC News- Estimate for ‘test fleet’ a baby step toward electrification; No source of funding yet known

Here’s what’s on the radar for climate change in 2019

Jan. 1, 2019- CBC News- Could this year be a tipping point — for better or for worse?

Climate change activists vow to step up protests around world

Dec. 17, 2018- The Guardian- Campaigners say they will force governments to act after lack of progress at UN summit

Canadian Chamber of Commerce solidly backs carbon pricing

Dec. 17, 2018- CBC News- Businesses concerned about use of carbon pricing as ‘political bargaining chip’

In the quest to build a better battery, a Canadian is energizing the field

Dec. 14, 2018- CBC News- MIT professor invented battery he says is safer, more reliable and lasts a long time

China’s ‘complicated’ role in fight against climate change

Dec. 14, 2018- CBC News- Talks on implementing climate deal still stalled on final day of conference in Poland

To feed the world amid climate change, we need a better way to grow rice

Dec. 14, 2018- CBC News- Also: Your suggestions for greening the holidays

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