US city bus routes are going all-electric ― and saving money

Oct 19, 2017 – Inside Climate News – In all, 40 transit authorities in the United States have started integrating…+

Provincial carbon tax plan to be unveiled in two weeks

Oct 12, 2017 – Winnipeg Free Press – A made-in-Manitoba green plan will be revealed in two weeks — after…+

Friendly policies keep US oil and coal afloat far more than we thought

Oct 7, 2017 – Vox – “Energy analysts have made the point again and again that fossil fuels, not renewable…+

TransCanada won’t proceed with Energy East pipeline

Oct 5, 2017 – Canadian Press – TransCanada has cancelled plans for the Energy East pipeline and Eastern Mainline projects…+

General Motors is going all electric

Oct 2, 2017 – Wired – This morning, General Motors announced that it is working toward an all-electric, zero-emissions future….+

Walkable cities are better for our health and economy

Sep 26, 2017 – Globe and Mail – Walking is good for the environment, crime prevention, community-building and the economy….+

Canada and Manitoba invest in rural transit projects across the province

Sep 25, 2017 – PR Newswire – The Canadian and Manitoba governments have announced at total of about $200,000 in…+

New BC gov’t hikes carbon tax

Sep 12, 2017 – Tax News – BC’s new NDP Government has announced that it will increase the carbon tax…+

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