Manitoba’s trucking industry tears province’s carbon tax plan as ‘lip service’

    May 7th, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-   It’s not because they don’t want to pay it they say, but because…+

    Province needs ‘miserable rain’

    May 8, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-   Latitudes north of Manitoba are predicted to have an increasing precipitation trend. Areas…+

    Arctic ice melt, increased shipping endangers whales: study

    May 4, 2018- CBC News-   Melting ice caused by climate change has given ships more access to Arctic waters,…+

    The solution to climate change might be in your fridge

    May 3, 2018- CBC News-   Almost two-thirds of the food-associated greenhouse gas waste occurs on the consumer end, including…+

    Poor countries face ‘unfair pattern’ of temperature swings

    May 3, 2018- CBC News-   Study says tropics, where soil moisture helps control fluctuations, particularly at risk.

    Helping preserve the shoreline

    Apr 27, 2018- Winnipeg Free Press-   Fort Whyte Alive (1961 McCreary Rd.), is holding a natural shoreline planting event…+

    B.C. wildfires triggered mega thunderstorm with volcano-like effects

    Apr 26, 2018- CBC News-   “The dust and gases thrust into the atmosphere by a volcano can have a…+

    Arctic sea ice jammed with plastics from Pacific garbage patch

    Apr 24, 2018- CBC News-   Up to 12,000 particles per litre, most small enough for tiny organisms to eat,…+

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