Entire cities evacuate as hellish wildfires whip through California

    Nov 9 2019 – Grist – A trio of rapidly expanding wildfires are burning in California, marking the latest in…+

    Chinese electric cars are coming to Canada, but you can’t have one yet: Don Pittis

    Nov. 8, 2018- CBC News- North American producers must keep technology up — and prices down — to stay competitive

    How climate change is affecting rural Honduras and pushing people north

    Nov. 6, 2018- The Washington Post- How droughts and crop failures are impacting social factors in Honduras…

    Over the Volcano

    Nov. 5, 2018- CBC News- Warning signs emerge from the shrinking glacier atop B.C.’s Mount Meager

    Ecological collapse of Toronto’s ravine system has begun, researcher says

    Nov. 4, 2018- CBC News- But Eric Davies, U of T PhD student, says public-private partnership could save the green…+

    Ban on throw-away plastics backed by EU

    Oct. 24, 2018- CBC News- Straws, some bags, cotton-buds to be forced out by 2021

    Clean tech solutions need to scale up in the battle against climate change, experts say

    Oct. 24, 2018- CBC News- Energy storage, electric cars, sharing-economy apps and telecommuting could all help

    UN climate fund gets ‘back on rails’ ahead of December talks

    Oct. 22, 2018- CBC News- Green Climate Fund approves $1 billion in new projects, including water and transit programs

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