Farming for the climate future

July 7, 2023 – National Observer – Regenerative farming methods used at @LinnaeaFarm for decades to build soil, capture nutrients…+

Recent events that indicate Earth’s climate has entered uncharted territory

July 6, 2023 – Associated Press – As a warming Earth simmered into worrisome new territory this week, scientists said…+

Selkirk says goodbye to fossil fuels in water treatment plant

June 26, 2023 – City of Selkirk – Reducing our carbon footprint requires us to put one foot in front…+

How Making Manitoba a Leader in Renewable Transportation Fuels will help ag

June 22, 2023 – – Funding Supports Design Study for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Manufacturing Facility in Manitoba.  

Putting energy efficiency in building codes

June 19, 2023 – Winnipeg Free Press – WHY is the Manitoba government choosing the lowest tier for energy efficiency…+

Global temperatures hit a key threshold this June. Scientists say it’s a sign of things to come

June 16, 2023 – CBC – Worldwide temperatures briefly exceeded a key warming threshold earlier this month, a hint of heat…+

UN chief demands fossil fuel companies “cease and desist”

June 15, 2023 – (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that countries must start phasing out oil,…+

In B.C.’s bone-dry northeast, what happens when wildfires and fracking collide?

June 14, 2023 – The Narwhal – The Donnie Creek wildfire, the second-largest ever recorded in the province’s history, is…+

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